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儿童中文班主题 :同学与朋友


在小栎园的小朋友们是怎么识中文字的呢?其实,我每一堂课都会准备Powerpoint简报和字卡。而在Powerpoint简报里,会有中文字演变的动画 (例子 :)或我自己编的小动画。最后,学生们就用字卡玩游戏,以巩固记忆。


Puzzle 拼图学中文
Puzzle 拼图学中文
Craft 美劳学中文
Craft 美劳学中文

Happy New Year to all of you!

This is going to be a short post about my last Chinese lesson for native speakers in 2017, our theme is "Friends".

For every lesson, in addition to the flashcards, I will prepare a Powerpoint presentation and insert (if available) the Chinese characters animation to help students remember (Example : ). The learning is followed by some flashcards games.

This week, we did something a little special, which is a puzzle and a little craft work (See pictures below). These activities are hands-on as well as engaging for the children, compared to in-class rote learning.

I enjoyed seeing them engaged and learning attentively!

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