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儿童中文班 :象形字


在瑞士 Sportsferien 开始前的两个个星期,我们又以象形字为主题,一共学了12 个中文字。在此,想跟大家分享一下我们课堂上的活动与游戏。





印章找字游戏 - Stamping game
印章找字游戏 - Stamping game
自制教具 '窗中字' - 
Simple self designed 'Window Game'
自制教具 '窗中字' - Simple self designed 'Window Game'
自编中文作业 - Self designed worksheet
自编中文作业 - Self designed worksheet
楼梯计分 - Stairs game
楼梯计分 - Stairs game

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

While I am enjoying my holiday, I still found a little 'time slot' to update my blog about my last lesson before the Sportsferien in Switzerland starts.

In this lesson, we learn 12 Chinese characters which are 'pictorial'.

As we know, all kids love stamps! In our stamping game, they enjoy stamping on the characters that we learned.

Another game would be a simple self designed 'Window Game'. With only two strips of paper, one as a window, the other is printed with the characters that we have learned. Upon the instruction of the teacher, the students need to find the right character to put in the window.

Last, I try to conclude the lesson by using the stair game. Upon recognizing each Chinese character, the student may build a ladder to reach the other side of the table.

These games are designed to be 'hands-on' so that the students are engaged and attentive. They enjoyed the games very much.

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