Chinese as Second Language (CSL)

This programme is for non-native Chinese.

* Flexi FlashTM hands-on learning method
* ANKI efficient home revision software (e-flashcard with VOICE)#
* ‘Bottom-up Character-based’ approach
* Communicative Language Approach
* Total Physical Response (TPR)
* Science experiments and paper art Target:
For non-native speakers. Age 4 – 7 Objective, in precedence:
*  Listening, speaking and vocabulary-building
*  Character recognition
*  Han Yu Pin Yin (Chinese phonics) and keyboarding skills Aim:
* To engage in basic conversation revolving daily activities
* To learn 240 characters  per year. Refer to Proposed Route Content:
Our proprietary material is based on topics such as greetings, daily activities, theme songs and etc. We focus on vocabulary-building, speaking and listening for the first year. Character recognition curriculum is designed based on the research of Most Commonly Used Chinese Characters List for Primary School’ in the mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Sample word list: Click here
Chinese characters list: Click here


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Lesson dates for semester 08/20 to 12/2020

2020 : 15/08   22/08  29/08  12/09   19/09   17/10   24/10   31/10   07/11   14/11   21/11   2811   05/12   12/12

Time :  10:30 – 11:30

Venue : Familienzentrum Karussell, 
                  Haselstrasse 6, 5400 Baden

Email to register :


Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment should be made in advance before the beginning of each half-yearly semester.
  2. No refund for absent lessons as a place is reserved.
  3. From February 2019, a registration fee of Fr.30 will be charged for each new registration.