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Chinesisch für zuhause : Wo ist Spot?

Hi children,

Here is a short story for you to learn some simple phrases in Chinese.


Dear parents,

I read it in a simplified way, repeating the same question and answer. It is not the same as the english words in the book. Basically, it says, 'Is spot here?', 'He is here.' and 'He is not here.' This will help the children remember it.

The real translated version of the book will be the last video on this blog post.

Here are two little games that you can play with your children. All you need is a few papers and draw 'Spot the dog' on it.

Have fun.


Game 1:

Phrases used:


xiǎo bō zài nǎ lǐ

Wo ist Spot?


xiǎo bō zài zhè lǐ

Spot ist hier.



Richtig (Ja).


bú duì

Falsch (Nein).


Game 2:

Phrases used:


xiǎo bō zài zhè lǐ ma

Ist Spot hier?



(Spot) ist da.


bú zài

(Spot) ist nicht da.


Chinese version of the book : 

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