English for Kids

The English for Kids group takes place in Wettingen. Unlike most English playgroups, it is organized in a homeschool format (as I am also teaching my two children). All activities are STRUCTURED with CLEAR LEARNING OBJECTIVES. There is NO FREE PLAY and NO TOYS. Even snack time is planned according to the theme of the day. Our group welcomes native and non-native speakers before kindergarten age. If you are interested in a fun-packed learning session for your child, please join us.

In a 90 minute session, we will have the following, demonstrated in this Blog Post:

- Welcome song
- Warm-up song / Theme song
- Story according to theme of the day
- Game time
- Arts & crafts
- Snack time (Food craft)
- Game time  & worksheet
- Good-bye song

It is my aim to share each session in a blog post (if time permits). Stay tuned!

Lesson takes place every Friday, 0930 - 1100 at Fliderstrasse 12, CH5430 Wettingen




We are currently doing the ERIC CARLE series

Wettingen English Playgroup - English for Kids - Eric Carle