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儿童中文课 :象形字 Learning Chinese Pictograms

每逢星期六上午,小栎园在 Karussell -  Familienzentrum Baden 举办儿童中文班。这个星期六(14.10.2017)小孩们学了象形字!


中文字美劳  Chinese characters craft
中文字美劳 Chinese characters craft
搭积木积分  Tower Building Game
搭积木积分 Tower Building Game

Every Saturday morning, Acorn Valley organizes its Kids Chinese Language & Culture class in Karussell - Familienzentrum Baden. On the Saturday of 14.10.2017, the children  have learned characters which are pictograms, i.e. the chinese characters resemble the objects in real life.

To make the lesson more interesting, I started it with a small Chinese character craft activity. It is then followed by learning flashcards. After that, I use a tower building flashcard game to help them remember the characters. Each time a child recognizes the character on the card, she can place a block to build a tower. The child with the tallest tower wins.

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