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画出象形字 Drawing Chinese Pictograms

今天(11.11.2017)中文班的小朋友们又学象形字!在一个小时的课里,我会教他们认六个字(下课后,还是记得的)。学象形字最简单直接的方法,就是画画。学生们开心地用颜色笔,发挥想象力,画出中文字的意思,这比写字 (10次)更能让他们专心及投入。

根据一项 University of Waterloo 的研究,画图可以强化记忆。原因在于当我们画东西时,这个过程结合了“了解语义,视觉和运动技能的元素”,于此创造了强大深刻的记忆痕迹。

我们还玩了冰淇淋棒子游戏。小朋友需要闭着眼,掷冰棒。冰棒碰到的字卡,他们就得念出来。好玩的事,他们掷冰棒的时候,很希望每支冰棒都落在不同的字卡上。对我来说,机会来了,请把所有的字念一遍 !

画中文字 Drawing chinese characters
画中文字 Drawing chinese characters
冰淇淋棒子游戏  Ice cream sticks game
冰淇淋棒子游戏 Ice cream sticks game

According to a team of researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada, drawing enhances memory. Plainly because, the ‘‘seamless integration of semantic, visual and motor aspects’’ of drawing, creates a strong memory trace.

Hence, in our Chinese class for kids today, we drew all six Chinese characters. The children enjoyed this activity tremendously.

To conclude the lesson, we played the ice cream stick game. The student has to throw several ice cream sticks with her eyes closed. For each card with an ice cream stick on it, they would need to read the character. It was fun, they wanted the sticks to touch each of the card, and hence 'had to' read all the cards =)

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