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Covid lockdown : Learn Chinese at home 2

Hi parents and little ones!

I prepared some learning activities for you. Enjoy!

Theme : Hands (shou3)


  1. Wash Hands song


xǐ shǒu,  xǐ shǒu,  lái xǐ shǒu Wash (your) hands, wash (your) hands, come (and) wash hands
cuō pào pao,  bo bo bo bo bo Make bubbles, bo bo bo bo bo
chōng chong shuǐ,  huá lā lā lā lā Rinse with water, hua la la la la la
xiǎo shǒu,  xiǎo shǒu,  liàng jīng jing Little hands, little hands, so sparkly clean

2. Learn the names of fingers

thumb mǔ zhǐ
index finger shí zhǐ
middle finger zhōng zhǐ
ring finger wú míng zhǐ
little finger xiǎo zhǐ

Now, you can play the finger tipping game with your children. Ask your child to lower his head and look at the floor, while you tip his head with one of your fingers. Then, have them guess (in Chinese) which finger you used to tip.


3. Chinese Numbers with SINGLE hand gestures

Did you know, you can actually use just one hand to count to ten with simple gestures? A fun thing to learn. The lady in the video below speaks accurate Chinese, so do not worry! Besides, she helps you remember the gestures!


Till my next post! Enjoy and stay healthy.